How to use Symantec BE 11d to restore Exchange to a Recovery Storage Group

I'm trying to restore my Information Store from my March Month end tape to a RSG. I keep getting error access denied. I have followed a number of different posts from this site as well as MS and Symantec. All to no avail. I have added and re-added the RSG in exchange. I have also attempted a number of different restores with different restore options.

It is my understanding that when a RSG is created, by default the Exchange Restore will restore to this group. There is no reason that this should be this difficult.

Here is my setup.
SBS2k3 R2 current on patches and SP.
Symantec BE11d SP3 Hotfix 52.
LTO2 Tape drive.
External USB drive for RSG location.

I'm restoring to the original server location for the mailbox store so I should not need to redirect it. Thought I have tried this option with no success. It runs approximately 35 min then failes with access denied. V-79-57344-33928.
Restore \\<server>\Microsoft Information Store\First Storage Group
Access denied to the database Mailbox Store (<server>)
Error writing file data.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.
mthsupportNetwork EngineerAsked:
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mthsupportConnect With a Mentor Network EngineerAuthor Commented:
Ok, so here is the solution to my problem. I did everything right except one minor step. When creating the RSG, you should use the browse button to relocate the RSG instead of predefining the path through Windows Explorer and then manually entering (copy/paste) the path into the fields. This is the only difference in the procedure that MS support had me do. Such a small thing but it was the difference.
Do you have enough space to store the restored data on the local disks. The external USB disk could possibly be the problem. I suppose the USB drive is formatted with an NTFS partition?

Do you see any files restored on the USB drive path you specified for the RSG (edb or stm files)? Check while the backup is still running and after it fails. If there are files, what's their size after the job fails? How does that correspond to the expected size of the restore?

Are the folders empty before starting the restore?
I suppose the RSG database is dismounted and you've checked the option to allow it to be overwritten by a restore?
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