Need to setup a 2nd exchange server locally to offload some mailbox's from the existing server

Is this pretty straight forward?  Once the 2nd exchange server is up and running, is there a tool that I can use to migrate select public folders and/or mailboxes to the new server?
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MesthaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
So this is Exchange 2007?
The physical size of the database will never shrink. All that happens is the store marks the space as white space and then uses that again.
If you want to reclaim the physical space, I would create a new storage group on the server, then a new mailbox store. Then move all mailboxes to that new store and drop the original. After doing so, restart the Information Store service to recreate the system accounts.

you can add new server as a replica and replicate the Public folder to the new server
see the article
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Public Folders really need to be replicated to both servers, not selective. While Outlook should look for folders on another server that are not located on its own, I find in practise that doesn't happen.

Are you using OWA? RPC over HTTPS/Outlook Anywhere (as you haven't said what version is involved).
If so then you will need to have either a second public IP address, SSL certificate and the users will need to know which server their mailbox is on, or you will have to deploy a third server to sit in front of the other two.

tcsadminAuthor Commented:
Ok, I was able to create a 2nd exchange server on the same network as the first one.  Everything looks to be running ok.  I created a user on exchsvr1 and then moved them to exchsvr2 successfully.

Once I move all of the selected mailboxes over to exchsvr2, how do I go about shrinking the mailbox DB on exchsvr1?  Right now, my 'mailbox database.edb' file  is 134GB.  My latest event log msg 1221 reported 6GB of free space at 5am this morning.

I also ran a few Get-MailboxStatistics queries:
1) Total size of all mailboxes added together: 79.4GB
2) Total size of all mailbox deleted items: 12.8GB
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