How to keep color scheme and print setting when copying to "new book" in Excel

When I right click on a tab to create a copy of that tab to a new window, the new window does not preserve the same color scheme and if I copy it to an existing file, the new tab on that file does not keep the print setting.  Particularly, it's not printing the tab on one page even though the page set is still indicating fit to 1 page wide by 100 tall.
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folderolConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you are having a problem with your palette, palettes can be copied.  Open the Destination workbook's Tools, Options, Color tab from the menu in Excel 2003, and from the "Copy Colors From" box, choose the open workbook that has the palette you want.  You can only get palettes from open workbooks, not workbooks browsed from a folder.

If you right-click directly on a Sheet Tab on the bottom of the window, choose Move or Copy, Select a different workbook in the To Workbook box, check the "Make a Copy" checkbox, then the print setup settings copy with it.  All I can think of is, for the fit page 1 wide to not work, the printer chosen would need to change.  If both workbook's have selected the same printer than that setting should work also.

This works the same in 2007, although the interface is different.
The only way I've gotten around that is after you copy it, go back to the one you copied from, press CTRL-A (to select all), then CTRL-C (to copy), go back to the one you copied and put your cursor in A1 and press CTRL-V (paste).  Then you have to go through and clear out duplicate data.
SOMETIMES this does not work!  I don't know why.
Good luck,

Color pallets are saved within the workbook, not within a worksheet [tab].  Your worksheet color scheme is being transferred.  It is just using the new workbooks color pallet.  What I end up doing is a 'save as' and delete all the other stuff rather than attempting to recreate the color scheme in the other workbook.  

The page setup on a copied worksheet uses the workbook's default setup [at least it does with my version].  Again, what I do is open up the page setup & change something & close the setup.  I have seen, rarely, where it looks like I have one setting but it follows the workbook's default.

yvrogerAuthor Commented:
I am not sure if your solution was to address the color issue or the print setup but it did not fix either one.  i will continue to keep an eye on this method though, it may help in the future.

I suspected you were talking about opening up the destination workbook page setup, change something and close the setup.  When I look at both setup, they look the same to me so I am not sure what to change it to.  Unless you could indicate what you would look out for and change.

I will definitively use your solution to "Copy Colors From" original workbook.  However, the page setup issue has not been resolved.  How can I check the workbook page setup vs the workbook page setup?

There is no property of workbook page setup.  Each worksheet in a workbook has it's own pagesetup property.  You can't copy a sheet's pagesetup to another existing sheet without going through VBA macros.  If you copy to a new sheet, then the new sheet gets the same pagesetup.  If you are not seeing this behavior, then it is in the way you are copying, because selecting the cells to copy will not select the pagesetup.

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