Modem Driver Problem

I'm using a USR 56K PCI Win Fax Modem model 5699B.   Whenever any user logs on to Windows 7 a pop-up window prompts them to run:  C:\Windows\System32\USRLdr.exe

A second pop-up (UAC window) then asks, "Do you want to allow the following program to make changes to this computer?"
Program Name: Modem R3 Interface x86
Verified publisher: US Robotics Corporation
File Origin: Downloaded from the Internet
Program Location: C:\Windows\System32\3Cmlink.exe

3COM USR Tech support claims its because Windows 7 is a Beta OS why I have to run the modem loader at every log on and suggested I turn off UAC.  If I turn off UAC, I still get the prompts to run these two files.  If I don't run these two files then I cant send/receive fax or use the modem period.  
Any ideas how to make these two files auto load without prompts?  It gets a bit redundant having to run them at every log on.

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If you use the modem and the manufacturer is saying that it's not fully compatible with Win7 then you're unfortunately going to have to live with the prompts.  The UAC control doesn't have a whitelist unfortunately but there are a few ways around it (note, this is for Vista but I have to "assume" it will work with Win7)..
G2SmoothAuthor Commented:
Thanks, thw white list approach partially works.  One half the problem is solved.  However, I still get the UAC pop-up asking to run the 3cmlink file.  I guess I'll have to wait till someone writes a fix.
Bummer.  I know the Windows 7 Release Candidate is going to be released on May 5 so when you download that one and give it a go, it may be fixed.
Since you're running the beta, you're obviously familiar with computers, how about changing the alert level in Windows 7 to something less annoying so it doesn't bother you as much (If I recall Win 7 had 4 different UAC 'modes') or just turn it off all together?
If you need info on that, let me know.
Brian Drain
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