Expanding Storage on an HP Proliant

I have an HP Proliant DL380 G5 serving as a Oracle (9i) database server.

It currently has 8x146 SAS drives in RAID 1+0 configured as a single large drive (c:) on the internal p400 controller.

Need to add local storage.  Would also like to add a separate drive to partition OS/Data

The 8 drives fill all the available slots, so I need to go external.  Assume I need a controller card, cable and drive cage - just can't seem to figure out exactly what I need looking at the HP website.  Any advice/suggestions or experiences would be appreciated.

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Paul SolovyovskySenior IT AdvisorCommented:
The MSA60 or MSA50 would be a good option but I would also recommend a secondary raid controller so that you get better performance on a second spool of drives.  Another P400 with a BBWC should do the trick and the new MSA units come with SAS and can be used in newer trays.

Another option is to look at entry level MSA such as a 1510i or MSA 2012i and connect using iSCSI.  This would allow you to expand not only this server but connect LUNs to any other server and add trays for extra storage
You should be able to just add on an MSA2000 array and fill it with drives http://h18006.www1.hp.com/storage/disk_storage/msa_diskarrays/drive_enclosures/index.html

I would suggest that you give an HP sales rep a call or use the online chat feature during business hours. They are usually VERY helpful.
I would go with a MSA70/P800, you can either put the internal disks on the P800's 2 internal channels or retain the current P400. If you keep the P400 you will have to create a second array as paulsolov recommends, if you put the internal disks on the P800 you have the option to increase the size of the current array. There was a promo AG767AM with the MSA70+p800 bundled, bit cheaper than buying the 2 seperately.

You could get the MSA50 instead but it only takes 10 disks and costs almost as much as the MSA70 which takes 25. Depends on how many U you have spare of course.
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