Flipshare software does not start up

I downloaded the Flipshare software from theflip.com.  It appears to have installed the program but when it starts it up, all I get is the splash screen with an hour glass.  The program never starts.
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Achievement_FirstAuthor Commented:
Before plugging in your Flip Mino camera do the following:
1) Go to Start > Control Panel
2) Select 'Add or Remove Programs'
3) Scroll down to the 'K-Lite Codec Pack'
4) Press 'Remove / Uninstall'
5) A dialog box will appear asking if you are sure you want to uninstall the program, press 'Yes/Continue'
6) After the program has been uninstalled another dialog box will appear, press 'Ok'

* Please note: By uninstalling the 'K-Lite Codec Pack' you are removing DVD playback from your laptop. To add that functionality back, please download and install the VLC Media Player (http://tinyurl.com/afvlcinstall)

7) Now plug in your Flip Mino camera.
a) If this is your first time installing the camera, follow the onscreen prompts
b) If you have attempted to install the flip camera before, the program should automatically appear on your screen.
Make sure nothing is blocking it from starting up.
(antivirus, etc.)
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