CRM 4.0: Associate Products wtih Lead

There is a business requirement for us to establish products insterested with a lead.

Does anyone know if this can be done? If so, how could we associate product(s) to lead? And what are the steps to take to get this done?

We did establish a relationship between lead and product  (1 to N relationship); however, for regular users, they don't see either new product or existing product menu items. For users who have system admin rolem, they do see those options. What are the permissions needed for regular users to see those options? Basically, they only need to see existing products and select the ones a lead shows interests. Thanks!
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After giving this some thought, I think you actually need to setup your relationship differently - you will need a N:N relationship (not 1:N).  The reson for this:
* 1 lead can be related to many products
* 1 product can be related to many leads
As it stands now, if you related the same product to two different leads, it would really only be related to the most recent lead.
Try making that change to your relationships and see if that works for you.
Hi Mei,
It sounds like you've done a pretty good job with setting up product to link the the lead entity already - I think the only thing left for you to do will be to setup a Security Role(s) so that users can see the list of products related to the Lead.  Here's what to do:
(1) Settings > Administration > Security Roles
(2) Select the Security Role that you wish to grant permissions on to see Products associated with Leads
(3)  On the Sales tab, make sure that Append and Append To for the Product entity both have a green dot.
(4) On the Core Records tab, make sure that Append and Append To for the Lead entity both have a green dot.
I think that should work (I've not tested it).  Let me know.
One other item for thought: When we design sales processes that work with CRM, we find that you don't usually need to associate products with Leads because you don't really know what products someone is interested in until they are qualified (by which time you've converted them into an Opportunity).  While they're still a Lead, you do sometimes learn about product interests (which may just be 5-10 categories) that they're interested in - you can represent these with checkboxes on the lead form that take far less time to fill in than does a list of products.  So if you change your process a bit, you may find that the way CRM is already structured will give you sufficient
mei_liuAuthor Commented:
Hi crm_info master,

Thanks for your quick response. We have checked to make sure that all necessary permissions listed in 3 and 4 are there, and yes they are there, but the users still can't see either new products or existing products from the menu items.

Is there anything else that needs to get set for regular users to see those options? Thanks!
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mei_liuAuthor Commented:
That's IT! Thank you very much crm_info master!
You are most welcome.  And my apologies for not noticing this in my first answer.
mei_liuAuthor Commented:
Not at all. You have been extremely responsive! Thanks again!
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