Lotus notes form not refreshing computed fields

I have computed fields that are not being refreshed, I have to hit F9 to have the fields populated.
I have the form property set to refresh  - Automatically refresh fields
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>> "Do I put that on every field that is calculated?"


You need to refresh the form when something changes -- normally a field value.  This is a field relationship where you have a controlling field and a dependent field.  The value of the dependent field depends on the value of the controlling field.  There are several ways to do this depending on the type of the controlling field and how the controlling field value changes.

If you're changing the controlling field value via LotusScript, you call NotesUIDocument.Refresh on the last line of the script.

If you're changing the controlling field value via @Formula language, you call @Command( [ViewRefreshFields] ) at the end of the formula.

If the user is changing the controlling field value by directly editing the field on the form, then it depends on the type of field.

For regular, editable fields, you need to place a call to NotesUIDocument.Refresh in the field's Onblur or Exiting events (either one will work).

For picklist type fields (checkboxes, radio buttons, combo boxes, etc), you need to enable two field properties: "Refresh fields on keyword change" and "Run Exiting/OnChange events after value changes".
In the Notes client, you need to explicitly refresh the form when needed regardless of the "Automatically refresh fields" setting.

In @Formula, use @Command( [ViewRefreshFields] )

In LotusScript, use NotesUIDocument.Refresh
MontereyAuthor Commented:
Do I put that on every field that is calculated?

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