How do I transfer Outlook data from one computer to another?

I have been using MS Outlook 2003 on a computer which I have now replaced with a new one, running Outlook 2007.  I want to transfer my Outlook  data files ( calendar, old email, archived files).  Can I copy over the relevant files to the new computer, and which ones would iI select?
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If two accounts are using POP3 access, their emails will be in same pst file, <profilename>.pst

Archive file is separate archive.pst.  You may have more than one and may be located in different folder or network.  You should open the archive.pst file in Outlook to verify the emails are there.  File > Open and navigate to location of archive.
All you have to do is transfer your PST file.
for more indepth instructions please visit the microsoft link below.
Follow the heading
"How to transfer Outlook data from one computer to another computer"
 Use this section to transfer the data that you saved in a .pst file from one computer to another computer.

Hope this solved your problem


dpapcoAuthor Commented:
Thanks;  I am assuming that the process will over-write any new data that has been generated in the new Outlook setting?
Hello dpapco,

1. Transfer your emails and contacts by copyinging up the PST file.  Also archives are stored as PST files.

2. Transfer your other settings with Save My Settings Wizard;en-us;826809

3. Transfer your accounts settings: Open your registry editor and navigate to the following key:

HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-21-xxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxx-xxxxxxxx-xxxx\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows Messaging Subsystem\Profiles\Outlook

Export the entire Outlook key to a file. You've now backed up your email accounts. To restore the backup to another computer, simply import the backup into the new computer's registry. You may need to delete the Outlook key off the new computer first.

Other ways to backup your account settings:

More reading: Outlook Backup, Restore, or Move Data

Hope this helps!
dpapcoAuthor Commented:
Thanks, war1,  If there is more than one email address using Outlook, is all date stored in the same .pst file? ( If not, how are they distinguished?) Also, are archived items stored in the same file, or do they need to be recovered from archive before a transfer can be made?
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