Share internet connection via Linksys 2.4GHz 54g Wireless-G Router


My roomate and I want to share our internet connection via Linksys 2.4GHz 54g Wireless-G Router.  How do I set this up without compromissing security and speed?
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If you want to go all out, download DD-WRT . You can then set multiple virtual wireless networks that are separated from each other. Mind you, this requires a certain level of dedication on your part to do some reading (or asking on experts exchange!)
Plug in the router to power and you cable coming from your internet provider into the uplink port on the router.
Then search for wireless networks and connect to your wireless.
Once connected, go to internet explorer and type or into the address bar.
That should bring you to the settings for the router, and then you can configure the password and anything else you would like.

Hope this helps. :)
Thanks for the reply, but how about security.  I can connect fine to the wireless connection; however, I don't want to see/monitor what he's up to and vice versa.  Someone had mentioned that VLAN would be best, but don't know exactly how to accurately set this up.  Eventhough we have verbally promised each other that we would not snoop onto each others "terrotory, we'd rather be safe than sorry.  Also if we go with the VLAN option, what are it's limitations/benefits/pitfalls.

Thanks again.
For the simple line of defence:
- On the router, set your SSID to not boardcast, set encryption Key
- On yours and firend's computer - add your SSID  and  the Key
- You might want to set MAC filter too

Look at this link for the idea:
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