ARCSERVE - Restoring an SQL DB from Tape Backup

I've noticed really that although my backup jobs are completing without error and indeed appear to be backing up the SQL databases to tape, when i browse the tree of objects in the restore wizard I can't see any nodes for the SQL Databases.

How would one therefore restore an SQL Database in the event of an issue?

Many Thanks,
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Sai Prasad KinneraConnect With a Mentor Support Delivery ManagerCommented:
how about checking the database under restore by session.

incase you dont find the database information, check from the logs if the sql db was sucessfully backed up
2) go to quick start/database and click on media records and try to delete one of the tape media records which has sql database and then go to utilities and click on merge and merge the entire tape
3) this can be an issue with databse so above step will help you.

andrewmilnerAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the answer.
The SQL databases are indeed showing in the session records.
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