Calculate Disk Free Space using WIndows SNMP OID information

We are using Ipswitch What's Up Gold for our network monitoring. We are trying to calculate free space using their SNMP monitors instead of using WMI. Two questions:

1) How do I report on free space as opposed to used space or volume size?
2) Is there a list somewhere where in understandable english it lists each OID to use ? We are also monitoring CISCO switches, FOrtinet Firewalls, etc. We are on windows 2008 standard edition.

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If you are looking for detailed information about MIBs and OIDs have a look into:

Also, browsing MIBdepot you can find more information about parameters for Microsoft SNMP and how to report free space instead of used. One of the options might be performance MIB for Windows and OID which means logdsklogicalDiskEntry.

Hope that helps a little bit.
GCIT_ManagerAuthor Commented:
Thanks I'll take a look. One frustrating thing with server 2008 is that there's no longer "total ram and free ram" in task manager like there was in prior versions (and in xp, etc). Now it's "total ram, cached, and free". But free is almost always around 10MB since a lot stays cached. It makes it very difficult to detect if we're low on ram.
In fact for windows monitoring I'm using Nagios and SNMP plugins to monitor Windows parameters.

Example output for memory looks:
Physical Memory: 42%used(6888MB/16378MB) (<90%) : OK

and for hard disk:
C: Label:OS 12%used(9360MB/75281MB) (<95%) : OK

Don't know if that might help but if you looking for any SNMP monitoring maybe will be handy to review scripts I'm using for Nagios:

Don;t know if this iwll be much of a help with WhatsUpGold but might be handy for SNMP monitoring for Windows.
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