Can you downgrade small business 2003 to only be member server

Can you downgrade small business 2003 to only be member server?

I am changing out my old 2003 SBS with a new server which has 2003 SBS also.

I understand that i cannot have 2 SBS on the same network, am not sure what type of role the old SBS can been after I move over to the new SBS.

Also, if you have any insight on best practices for migrating to a new SBS?

Thanks, Stepnharp
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You would need the Transition Pack to make the 2003 SBS a 2003 Standard Server.

As far as the migration I would have to recommend the swing:

I would also suggest the manuals. They have plentyful documents giving you details on many SBS procedures.

It also explains that SBS has to hold ALL FSMO roles.
This is pretty much why 2x SBS servers cannot exist on the same network, if one of the SBS servers gives up the handling of any one of the FSMO roles, the server will automatically shutdown. (Now you don't want that happening!).

I would not suggest a transition pack upgrade, as its more expensive than purchasing Windows 2003 Standard and deploying that.

If you are migrating from one SBS2003 to another, you are going to end up with only 1 server at the end of the day unfortunately.
The answer to your first question
Can you downgrade small business 2003 to only be member server?
No, you cannot downgrade a SBS to a member server, if an SBS is there in the domain it has to be a DC having all the FSMO roles on it.

And as you said you also cannot have 2 SBS's in the same domain, so if you are thinkning of getting a new Server which is also SBS you will have to completely remove the current one
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