3.5 .net remote access to a computer

I have a second network that is isolated from our main building.
I want to be able to write a vb.net program that once an hour will "Call home"" to see if we need to connect to that pc to make any changes..

Is this way to out there for the language?
Is there already a program that will do this..??
I can't get to the computer remote desktop it, that is why it has to "Phone home".
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You can use Skype API to send messages or make calls from Skype to Skype.
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ConnexusDaveAuthor Commented:
we have a second network that is isolated from us.. no VPN connection. All the pc does at this location is it sits and shows web pictures. I need to have that pc contact us and look to see if we want to make a remote access connection to the pc..

Is this possible??
If there is no VPN then i assume you have static IP on that PC. You can develop an app which could use sockets to communicate with the server.
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