Where is the offline installer for .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 Family Update?

This is one of MS' more annoying of updates, especially for offices that don't have a WSUS server.  It's roughly 250MB in size, and I have not been able to pin down a full-blown, offline installer for this "family update".  I've already tried installing two other offline installers, but when I go back to MS Updates, it's still sitting there, waiting to be installed.

Has anyone located an offline installer (which if my math is right, should be about 250MB or so) for this update by chance?  I don't think any of our systems actually need it, but MS flagged it as "High Priority", so it's difficult to ignore (especially if you "hide" it, then they nag you every time you visit the site).

All of our systems are XP, SP3.

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theras2000Connect With a Mentor Commented:
This one here is 231MB http://download.microsoft.com/download/2/0/e/20e90413-712f-438c-988e-fdaa79a8ac3d/dotnetfx35.exe which was at the bottom of this page http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=AB99342F-5D1A-413D-8319-81DA479AB0D7&displaylang=en

That's not all you want right?  I can also see 'family updates' here but they're all small http://support.microsoft.com/kb/959209

So it appears that there's no package with it all in one.  This is not so uncommon, really, as it seems that this 'family update' is just one more patch that has arrived after the SP1 rollup of patches.
Kumba42Author Commented:
Yup, already tried to pull down the package on the first link and apply it, and that didn't work.  Tried the WinXP/2K3 x86 package at the bottom of KB959209, and that didn't work either.  I've got a machine trying something else after KB959209, though.  Have to see what that does.

My understanding of how .NET patches work, is MS is buffering against dependency issues, so rather than just giving you one tiny little patch, they send you the whole 3.5 SP1 update, and the installer will check to see if you need just that portion, or only just the additional updates.

The concept is nice in theory, and in practice for those with WSUS servers that can cache this stuff locally, but we're predominantly a Novell network, and so our number of Windows servers is small, thus no existing WSUS machine.
Yeah that sounds right to me too.  I think, if you watch the files, it actually downloads and creates the large file right there in the same folder.  At times, I've used this to download the big package once and then quickly copy it for other machines.  Not sure exactly which .net vers and which SPs I've done this on, but I'm sure it's worked for me a few times.
So it might be worth trying this, at least on one of the machines.
Kumba42Author Commented:
I think it's a bug in Windows Update.  Turns out, one of the earlier KB's that applied just the "Family Update", but was only 1.6MB in size, did something.  Windows Update still claimed it was going to download 300MB, but really didn't, and instead applied something else that was much, much smaller.

So, problem solved (it seems), though it'd really be nice if MS would just put out offline installers for this more often.
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