Packet fragmentation and VPNs

is it normal to see the following when you do a show cry ipsec?
We have two sites connected via l2l tunnel. There are some voice quality issues and it looks like there is packet fragmentation. Could this affect the voice quality? Users are complaining about static and not being able to hear all of the words (they get cut off)

If you define an MTu size and MSS size, could it fix the fragmenetation
#pkts encaps: 4777, #pkts encrypt: 4783, #pkts digest: 4783
      #pkts decaps: 2914, #pkts decrypt: 2914, #pkts verify: 2914
      #pkts compressed: 0, #pkts decompressed: 0
      #pkts not compressed: 4777, #pkts comp failed: 0, #pkts decomp failed: 0
      #pre-frag successes: 6, #pre-frag failures: 0, #fragments created: 12
      #PMTUs sent: 0, #PMTUs rcvd: 0, #decapsulated frgs needing reassembly: 15
      #send errors: 0, #recv errors: 0

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JFrederick29Connect With a Mentor Commented:
The VoIP packets aren't the packets being fragmented as they are too small to ever be fragmented.  You may want to try using 729 codec for the VPN sites.

The real issue here is you have no guaranteed bandwidth or priority queuing for voice traffic through the Internet.  This is the downside to using an Internet based VPN versus MPLS VPN or "private line" where you can do QoS end to end.
Ron MalmsteadConnect With a Mentor Information Services ManagerCommented:
what voice codec are you using accross the  vpn, and what is your bandwidth ?...max simultaneous calls ?
dissolvedAuthor Commented:
believe its 711. bandwidth is a t1. max simultaneous calls wouldn't be more than 5
debuggerauConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I would expect more errors if your MTU or MSS were wrong..
However, it would make a difference..

Since its a T1, standard sizes should be fine, but depends on the termination equipments setup..
so, 1500 (MTU) and 1540 (MSS) should be fine.

If you are sharing the link with Data, what is your QOS policy in effect?

Is it an internet link, managed link or dedicated link?

Can you get quality reports out of the phone system like jitter and loss, the errors could be coming from elsewhere..

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