Move SharePoint DB to SAN RDM LUN

We need to move, migrate or change dir to our Share Point DB.  We are running a 2008 Server with SQL 2008. Currently Share Point SQL DB is living on ESX VMFS.  We have setup new RDM LUN for the DB.  What is best way have Share Point SQL DB on the RDM LUN?

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zephyr_hex (Megan)Connect With a Mentor DeveloperCommented:
this is the same as moving ANY sql database to a different drive (same server).

detach the database
move the files  (MDF and LDF)
re-attach the database.

this can be done using SQL Management Studio or T-SQL.

the procedure is the same regardless of whether it's sql 2008 or 2005...

sharepoint cares about the SQL *instance* name, and since you are not moving the SQL installation, sharepoint does not need any configuration changes.

of course, sharepoint will be down while you make this move
it's probably best to lock the site collection before you do it... so that you are sure no users are trying to interact with the site.
Just to verify, you are not moving to a new SQL server right? Just a new disk drive (RDM) attached to the same SQL server. Correct?
bbhitgroupAuthor Commented:
That is correct I am not moving to new SQL Server and we are just adding new RDM drive.  
bbhitgroupAuthor Commented:
Thank we going to move this tonight.  Do you also now how to move the logs drive to a new drive as well?
zephyr_hex (Megan)DeveloperCommented:
do you mean the sharepoint logs, or the SQL LDF?

if it's SQL LDF, then it's done the same way as the MDF file.

if you mean the sharepoint logs...
that requires you to install sharepoint to that drive.  there is no way to configure sharepoint to use a different directory for logs.
you can, however, control the logging level in Central Admin

that said...
it appears someone has written a script that loves these log files:

i have not used it...
i would advise a full farm backup before you try it.
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