How to configure Web Query for Reporting Services and Excel?


I am trying to import a Reporting services report into excel 2003 using an IQY (Web Query) file. I have figured out how to create the IQY file and have gotten it to prompt me for the 2 parameters (Dates) for the underlying Stored Procedure

Every time I put in the beginning and Ending dates, in the following format 03/01/2009, I receive the following errors in Excel.

Your browser does not support scripts or has been configured not to allow scripts. Click here to view this report without scripts.
And after I click on the above error I receive:

Unable to Open

Cannot download the information you requested.

I have also tested the IQY theory with a more generic Report/Stored Procedure which just requires a last name(String) to be provided and I am receiving the same error.

Any pointers to resolve these errors would be appreciated.
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drumphConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
All I found my own solution .  Here is Generic version of the the syntax I placed in my IQYfile.["StartDate","Enter the value for StartDate:"]&EndDate=["EndDate","Enter the value for EndDate:"]&rs:Format=mhtml

The Key piece was the "&rs:Format=mhtml"  . This is the clause that returns standard html instead the SSRS's rendered version the does not convert well to Excel in this situation

Scroll down to the section titled Reporting Services - Your browser does not support scripts or has been configured not to allow scripts.

You may have to add the report server to your trusted sites
drumphAuthor Commented:
That did not fix the error.
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