How can I recover Exchange mailboxes from a non-functional Exchange Server?

I have a customer with a Windows 2K3 SBS SP2 that has a corrupt active directory database.  All attempts to recover/repair the database have failed, and the customer has no backup of the system state.  The decision was made to rebuild the server, but I want to see if I can recover the Exchange data.  Since I cannot start the Exchange server, is there any way to extract the mailbox information so I can port it over once the server has been rebuilt?  I have tried some of the utilities that allow exporting the data, but they require Exchange to be running.

Any help with this?
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jawad1481Connect With a Mentor Commented:

if the new built server is of the smae service packs than you can try fork lifting the database files to the new server. i.e. copy the file to new sever, check the health by running command "eseutil /mh <path of the database>" . if its in dirty shutdown state then run hard repair. i.e. "eseutil /p, eseutil /d and isinteg commands.
let the production stores be mounted. once this old database is repaired then we can mount this in Recovery stroage group and merge it with the new database.

Philip ElderTechnical Architect - HA/Compute/StorageCommented:
davlaurAuthor Commented:
Fortunately, I was able to recover data from a backup, but your solution would be the method I would have used to retrieve the mailbox information.  Thanks!
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