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rundll32.exe clearmytracksbyprocess runs multiple times eating memory

I have had an issue recently with vista ultimate and a "rundll32.exe clearmytracksbyprocess" showing multiple instances in taskmgr/process explorer.  Sometimes 5 or more instances at once each of which are eating up 4xxk of memory (and one or 2 eating up 50k of memory).  Doing some research, i have found that ccleaner uses this as a means to delete temp files from ie, but i dont use ccleaner on this system. In fact, I do not run any antivirus or anti spyware tools activly, i do mbam regularly with no bad results.

  The only warning i get when this is happening is a popup from vista (i do not run a swap - gaming reasons)advising me to close xyz.exe program to prevent data loss.  My trouble with this is i use IE very seldom, only during conflictions with viewing pages via opera or firefox.  

My question is, is there a way to disable this feature of auto-cleaning the temp cache?  I'd prefer this utility to simply never run if that is an achievable result.  The google gods are not answering this time...

Thank you in advance!

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1 Solution
This isn't a ccleaner app.. it was introduced with IE7..

Privacy (IE)  
rundll32.exe InetCpl.cpl,ClearMyTracksByProcess 8   Internet temporary files
rundll32.exe InetCpl.cpl,ClearMyTracksByProcess 2   Cookies
rundll32.exe InetCpl.cpl,ClearMyTracksByProcess 1   History
rundll32.exe InetCpl.cpl,ClearMyTracksByProcess 16  Forms Data
rundll32.exe InetCpl.cpl,ClearMyTracksByProcess 32  Passwords
rundll32.exe InetCpl.cpl,ClearMyTracksByProcess 255 Delete everything


Do you have IE clearing your history or anything when you close it?

CSI_SupportAuthor Commented:
Just had mentioned that ccleaner invoked this call...figured other av's and such would potentially be a red flag, so mentioned it.  But i do not have the option checked for deleting on exit under inetcpl.  

Interestingly enough, this seems to happen after a period of idling....  and isnt related to the opening or closing of IE that i can tell of.  I have already disabled all add-ins to IE barring the following:

XML DOM Document
HtmlDlgSafeHelper Class
Windows Media Player
RMGetLicense Class
XML DOM Document 6.0

It also doesnt seem to happen during heavy usage...although it may happen during intermittant browsing.  But i have yet to see it while gaming or graphic rendering.

I cant think of much else that could be ...

(timewarp-moments into doing a hijackthis scan...) i just realized that a sneaky update was installed (sneaky being another user)..this is IE 8.0.6001.18762

I am doing more research into this, seeing as my initial search was using IE 7 on the goog.

I found 1 place where they mention more than 1 process..


But it has said under maintenance for a couple of hours now..
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CSI_SupportAuthor Commented:
Google has it cached, ....the thread ends with the guy figuring out that 'it has to do with IE 8' and has no more questions...guessin he uninstalled....

all i need now is Adam Savage to jump in and say "well theres your problem!"

I have removed a few (no name)(no file) BHO's and have disabled the rest of the add-ins to IE.  Unfortunatly, this issue is intermittant..but occures regularly. Ill see where that gets me.  Im plum out of ideas...
Have the same problem on this machine.
Open internet options and take the check mark out of "delete browsing history on exit"  
You will notice that the rundll32.exe isn't using but 1 or 0 CPU usage, but it is using a massive amount of ram.
Also notice that when you open iexplore.exe, automatically there will be TWO instances of it.  This is because of the "Delete Browsing History" dialog is trying to open.  Just like when you open "internet options" from the toolbar, you'll see a rundll32.exe as well as a separate iexplore.exe
Unfortunately, the problem lies within IE8, for the most part.  
I'm here reading along with you but thought I'd add my experiences, as well.  I'm working on this machine (the one I'm posting from) and when I close iexplore.exe, the 2 rundll32.exe will open.  I can then "kill process tree" and the machine runs fine again.
To find more information about your processes, download Process Explorer NT from my server here
it is clean, but if you prefer, google for it.
I'm working on something right now and hope it is a fix.  I'll let you know my results.
As I suspected.  If you remove the check mark from the box "Delete Browsing History on Exit" .... The problem will go away partly.  By this, I mean that the two rundll32.exe process that jack up your memory usage, will be gone....for good.
However, there will still be a PARENT iexplore.exe and a child process of iexplore.exe.  I am trying to figure this one out, as well.  I will post back if I come to a conclusion here in the next few minutes.
If you pick the iexplore.exe process that uses the least amount of memory and kill that process, it will close the main tab and then you'll get a message tip that says "this tab has been recovered".  End process on that same iexplore.exe process again and it will close BOTH iexplore.exe processes.  
What I've gathered.  In the newest release of IE8,  the actual Internet Explore window is one process and the opened SINGLE tab is the other.  Why this is so, I have no earthly idea.  This particular machine only started having this problem after an update that included the newest release candidate of  IE8.
There you go!  The only resolve is to disable the "Delete browsing history on exit" function and you're all set.
EDIT:  OR you could roll back the version or even go back to ie7.  
CSI_SupportAuthor Commented:
Definately IE8.  Definately not happening after uninstalling a hand full of programs and disabling some add ins.  All seems to be well.

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