Identify IP address to port on Cisco switch

Objective: There are a few servers that I am trying to trace down which port they are connected to on the switches.

Difficulty: No toners/cable chasers. Patch panel is disorganized, switch port assigning has no rhyme or reason, and cabling is strewn about EVERYWHERE with no labeling or sense of order. Some cables are run through plenum space and other hidden crevices. I can barely close the door to the rackspace that houses the connections.

Can I locate the port on a switch used by a server with the machine IP or MAC address?   Using the program Cisco Network Assistant I can find which switch its going to, but not which interface its using.

I'm familiar with Cisco equipment but I'm no pro with console/telnet command line, so please be gentle with the explainations.

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from a workstation.....
ping the ip of the server and then type "arp -a"
that will give you the servers mac address.
From the switch, type show mac ad ad xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx (the mac address of the server)
it will tell you which port the server is plugged into, or which interface the switch that the server is plugged into is connected on.
If you know the MAC address of the server, logon to the switch

SW#Sho mac-address table | include XXXX

(where XXX are the last four hex digits of the MAC). Using the | (pipe) symbol and the word 'include' will help quickly search and parse your output.

Hope this helps.
You can also use something like Solarwinds' switchport mapper. It is part of their Engineers Toolset and you can get a 30 day eval.
L3370Author Commented:
easy enough... thanks!
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