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Problems printing Access to a new HP Color Laserjet CP 3525 printer

We have Office 2003 running on a workgroup of several computers.

Normally, I print to a Standard TCP/IP Port, assign the IP  and point the wizard printer to the proper install inf.  Routine.

But when I tried this with a new HP CP 3525 Color laser . . .

It would install but crash the print when I print the test page. This was with the drivers listed today on HPs site PCL 6 drivers.

When I tried Post Script Drivers, I thought I I had it fixed. This worked on several computers.  But we have one that is running some specialized software on it that seems to require that I NOT update the Office SP3.  This is unlike the other computers, which are Office SP3.

At first I thought it was the Print notification window. I disabled that and dinked around with Printer advance settings.  Finally, I realized that as long as I installed the PS drivers via the HP install exe, and left the printer name alone, I could get it to work. It printed test page fine.

I thought I had it licked. I went into Access 2003 and printed the most complicated color form we had.  It would fail to print and I would get feedback from MS saying to upgrade to Office SP3. But I don;t want to do that right now? I tried other forms and got the same thing. This was on a 2003 front end database that was printing fine to an old color inkjet.

This printer is Also NOT the default printer on this computer. So the norm is to choose File--Print and then select the color printer. The access forms all are set to print to any printer.  

The MS Print page prints fine.

I really cant go to Office 2003 SP3 right now or Office 2007. Am I out of luck??  I was hoping there might be something specifically related to laser jets or this laser jet. It's always been Color ink jet printer before this.  By the way, I can print these forms to any other printer just fine. I am checking HP forums to but so far, I can't find anything specific about this printer and problems printing Access 2003.

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Scott McDaniel (Microsoft Access MVP - EE MVE )Infotrakker SoftwareCommented:
Well ... MS has given you the solution (upgrade to SP3), yet you're not able to follow it, so I don't see what resolution you can expect. the only thing I could advise is to try different print drivers to see if one that will work as expected ...
MixmangleAuthor Commented:
I found this. Will try tomorrow. because I did go into the printers web page and disablem SNMP. I hope I Hope I Hope
MixmangleAuthor Commented:
Ooops. Here's what I found on an HP forum page . . . .

Hi All,
We solved the problem.
The problem was that the SNMP protocol of the printers was disabled. When the driver for the printer was installed, the default value for RAM for the printer was 256 mb.
After several talks with HP, they advice me to enable the default value for SNMP, and to go to the problem workstation, to go to printers device settings and there is an option for AUTOMATIC CONFIGURATION which default value is OFF. You have to select UPDATE now, and this solved our problems .
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Scott McDaniel (Microsoft Access MVP - EE MVE )Infotrakker SoftwareCommented:
Great! hopefully that will solve your issue ... if so, post back and let us know.
MixmangleAuthor Commented:
Nope. Did not solve it.  I rebuilt the box, which has s0ome pre S{2 finicky software, and tested all along.

At first, prior to Office SP2, the printing in MS Office would fail. Thesting was maily on a complicated form in Access 2003 but I verified in other reports as well and other Office products.

I upgraded to Office SP3 and no difference.

I can generally install latest PS driver without any problem. Test page prints fine.  But it pukes in Access.  Really odd. Tells me it fails to print and then notifyer tells me it printed fine.  I have turn off notify I have updates teh devive as in information I above. I have set it to print directly to the printer.

I tried PCL6 drovers as well and they won't even inststall.  On two ther machines, I had similar problems with PCL but was able to use Post Scrip as long as I used HP's install exe.  

There is something going on and I am clueless.  I'm active on this in an HP forum as well and the last good answer was the one above.  

It's one of those 20 minute printer setup that I have been active with for . . . oh, about 8 hours!

MixmangleAuthor Commented:



Beta version of next driver release, provided to me by HP, solved problem. It WAS related to Novell Login, although HP would never speak to it
Scott McDaniel (Microsoft Access MVP - EE MVE )Infotrakker SoftwareCommented:
I have no problem with the resolution ... although I'd hope this wouldn't be deleted, since it may help others with the same issue.
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