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mail queue is full can we redirect the mail through another service


Excuse my limited Exchange knowledge, i know enough to be incredibly dangerous.

We have a number of servers running Exchange quite successfully and have very few problems.  Recently though we've noticed more and more that mail queues are getting backed up due to either a problem with the ISP, spam issues etc..

As a result sometimes it can be several hours before it's realised that mail is being delayed or not being sent out at all.

i was wondering if there is a way that if mail is not going out i.e. via a smart host or via the ISP's SMTP server then can there be a secondary SMTP/smarthost to send the mail through.

We do have an event monitoring service going in on all of these servers which will advise us that the mail queue is filling up, but it wont automate the process of actually trying a secondary mail host to get the mail out for us.

Appreciate thoughts, ideas and best practices.

Thank You!!
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Stephen CroftTechnical ArchitectCommented:
Not in your scenario,

Unless your Exchange server physically stops recieving email (rather than just queueing them) then it will still be a valid MX record.

Look, instead, as to why they are queueing on your Exchange box? What is making them go so slowly? is it a performance issue, or are you getting spammed? If the latter, sign up to something similar to Mimecast that sits before your Exchange box (in the "cloud") and anti-spams you. This cuts down the amount of none-real email to your server, and therefore reduced the load.
"i was wondering if there is a way that if mail is not going out i.e. via a smart host or via the ISP's SMTP server then can there be a secondary SMTP/smarthost to send the mail through"

I guess @dj (or its me) understood  the issue wrong. Mail getting backed up was being stated in a sense that when emails are being sent - they do not leave the box and they keep on piling up, now what happens is after some time - smtp queues get heavy (not in real sense), and they start to slow down the box.

What the ideal question is does Exchange have a fail over mechanism for SMTP Connectors?

Answer is NO,

Reason is, emails normally go through the entire messaging mail-flow components to be announced as valid email for a particular domain. In this process there is a component called Categorizer - this component would inform Exchange that this email is supposed to be sent to xyz domain THROUGH the SMTP Connector that matches its domain name (else * is picked up) and the connector that has got the least cost.

Once this is decided, the email HAS TO GO THROUGH that connector - if the connector is down or xyz reasons - the email will still sit their praying to GOD for improvement in conditions.

If you come across such situations - you can recategorize by adding a reg key - however that would recategoize ALL SMTP emails in the Q at that time. This step is not a work around however it is used for troubleshooting purpose mostly.

hope this answers your question.

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