Missing Helvetica Font

I have a user that is using ADOBE INDESIGN. In the past the y were using the Helvetica font to create their documents. All of a sudden the font no longer appears in WORD or INDESIGN. THe document that was created using the Hevetica Font says that there is a missing file or link that needs to be repaired.

The problem is the las t time this happened on another workstation some of the fonts got screwed up. Where does the Helvetica font come from and how can I restore it with minimal problems.
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Check both the C:\Windows\Fonts directory and the InDesign Fonts directory mentioned above (check here: C:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\Fonts\  and here: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe InDesign CS3\Fonts)

Now, on a working machine, do a search for *helvetica* or helvetica.ttf, copy those over to the computer with the issue and then reboot it.

Open up InDesign and see if it is there.
Fonts are typically found in C:\Windows\Fonts. helvetica doesn't show up in my list and so I assume that it is added when the Adobe software is installed. Some fonts are included with Windows. Some are included with other programs. Many fonts are copyrighted, and must be purchased to legally use.
Either a folder is misnamed, or a file misnamed. Check the fonts directory in InDesign and make sure the spelling of Helvetica is the same as the windows font directory, as it is usually an embedded font. If it is either not there, or mispelt, just add it in or rename it.
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