Save for web & mobile disabled in PhotoShop

Hello, I'm trying to save some graphics and I'm not able to use the "save for web & mobile" menu item - it is disabled.  

Any ideas?

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geekygirlyConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Update:  Have contacted Adobe technical support.  They had me delete a preferences file, and reinstall PS; neither of these worked.  Any other ideas?  

Solution 3 at this link -

That's the most common issue.  

If you don't want to click-through, it reads:
Make sure that image has 8 bits per channel and is in one of the following modes: grayscale, indexed color, duotone, RGB, Lab, or CMYK. To check the mode of an image, choose Image > Mode.

geekygirlyAuthor Commented:
Thanks, I saw that, but I don't think it's the issue.  It's happening even if I open a new file, with settings at RGB 8 bits.  I tried playing with some of those other options, and none of them resulted in the item being enabled.  ??  Any other ideas?
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