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Doubts about Wireless Routers

I want to buy a new Wireless Router for my HOME OFFICE, and i have the following Doubts:

1- What does it means that it has " GIGABIT Ethernet Support"

2- What are this 2 frequencies: 2.4 Ghz and 5Ghz? (I live in Costa Rica)

3- Does the wireless router already have a " VPN Firewall (Virtual Private Network) ", or is this a separate hardware that i have to buy?  Here is a quote from something i read on Cnet : " If you need to access your network from remote locations on business trips, you may even want to invest in a hardware VPN (virtual private network) firewall so that you can securely access your home network over the Internet." ....  

3 Solutions
1.) Gigabit is a faster connection then the normal 100mb connections.  Gigabit = 1000 mb/s

2.) These are frequencies that the wireless network runs on.
Wireless G operates at 2.4 GHz, and Wireless N operates at 2.4 and 5.0 GHz.
2.4 GHz will interfere with cordless phones and microwaves, but usually not noticeably. 5.0 GHz doesn't interfere with much.

3.) Some routers support VPN, some do not, just depends on the model you buy. Basically if it doesnt say anything about VPN, it doesn't.
Hi mate,

1. If you office does not have more than 10 people Gigabit Ethernet is unnecessary, and it think you don't have ISP in Costa Rica that suport that kind of speed. 100mb/s Ethernet Link (Speed) is quite enought for you.

2. 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz, it means you have a 802.11 b/g/n wireless adapter on you router which is compatibile with all latest wireless standards and have range up to 200m (Outdoors).

3. If you don't have a big office (again if is < 10 people) rather invest in VPN software, it is less complex and easy to configure.
Gigabit is speed declaration of wired network. If you have a gigabit router and gigabit network adapter on your PC it will work on that speed. If your network PC card is 100 MB it will connect on 100 MB. Also gigabit connection require class 6 cable.

Frequencies is for wireless connections. Depends on standards 802.11 abgn used. Also speed and range of wireless network depends of standard used. Also take a look of wireless card and standard they use in your laptops or computers, some standards are comptible, some don't. There is also law in some countries for using wireless on some channels. If you are buying a router in Costa Rica, that's OK, if you are buying somewhere else take care of that also.

Most routers have firewall, but for VPN you should check manual of the device you want to buy.

Hope that help.
unrinoceronteAuthor Commented:
Thanks a lot, all 3 where very good answers that complemented each other.

thanks, and please if you can Check my last comment, and if possible respond to it.
unrinoceronteAuthor Commented:

Take a look at this other related question and please comment if you can:



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