Export from FileMaker: some things missing...


We are using the standard Email Campaign Management database on FileMaker 8.5.
We have created some Groups and want to export the whole database into csv.

When we export, the groups are not listed in the csv file. Also in the full table view in FileMaker no group assignments show.

Q: How do we export all our contacts sorted by groups - - or how do we export our contacts so we can sort them later by our groups?

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First, remember that exporting is not like printing.  You do not get the benefit of layout parts (header, footer, etc...).

But having said that and if what you want is the raw data, this can be easily done.  I did the following:

1) Create a new layout (I called it Export).  Show records from the groups_Contacts table instance (TI) (not the Contacts TI).
2) Add the fields to the layout you would like to export.  This doesn't have to look pretty, just through them on.  :-)
3) Find the records you want to export and sort them as desired.  
4) Select the Export Menu and select the type of output you would like.  Click Save.
5) The default fields list should contain the fields from the Export layout.
6) Move the fields into the "Field export order" in the order you would like.
7) Export

There is one extra thing in the Export dialog box you may want to consider, "Group By".  If you sorted the records in step 3, the fields you sorted by will be displayed in this box.  You can check the ones you want to "Group by".  What FileMaker will do is remove duplicate values from that field in the export.  So, if you have sorted by Group Name and selected it in the Group by, The export will only export the group name on the first row of data as the group name changes.  This is may or may not be what you want. Play around a little to see the results until you get what you want.

SumukhaAuthor Commented:
you should add the group field (name or ID?) to be exported from the related table, as it won't show up from the current layout list if not placed on the layout.
another way, if you don't feel confirtable with that, is to put all the field you need (from current table and from the related group table) and export as excel which automatically takes all present fields on the current layout.
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SumukhaAuthor Commented:
Thanks to both of you for the comments.
I usually don't work with FM, so I have to battle my way through this.

"2) Add the fields to the layout you would like to export."
When I go to add the groups_Contacts table I cannot add anything related to Groups,

Failed to "add the group field (name or ID?) to be exported from the related table".
How do I do your next step "put all the field you need (from current table and from the related group table)"

SumukhaAuthor Commented:
I made it! Both of you were right, so I double the pints and split them.
SumukhaAuthor Commented:
Thanks, guys!
this is because you export from a layout which is not based on the right table occurence. this is a quite weird thing specific to fm! so the layout you create should be based on groups_group_contacts in fact, because this db allows a user to belong to several groups, so its a N to N relation.
see my example:

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