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Customer brought a compaq nc6000 to me and says that she cannot get into her computer even though she inputs the right password.  Thinking that the hard drive is bad, I replaced because when I took out the old one and tried to access it by plugging it to my computer I could not access it.  After installing the new one, it still ask for the password at startup.  I cannot get into the bios, nor can I boot from the dvd because of the password.  So I reset the bios by uplugging the system battery, but that did no good either. So I am really needing some help.  Thanks in advance.
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HP Compaq Business Notebook nc6000 Series - How to Clear a Password

If servicing a notebook with an unknown password, follow these steps to clear the password. (These steps also clear CMOS.)

Prepare the notebook for disassembly.

Remove the real time clock (RTC) battery.

Wait approximately five minutes!!!

Replace the RTC battery and reassemble the notebook.

Do not reinsert any battery packs at this time.!!!

Connect AC power to the notebook.

Turn on the notebook.
All passwords and all CMOS settings have been cleared.

Re Insert Battery.
beemmerAuthor Commented:
Thank you for your reply.  I did those exact steps this morning, except I just uplugged the connection from the battery to the motherboard. I left it unplugged all day until I got home from work.  I plugged the battery back in, put the laptop back together, (I did NOT put in the battery pack) plugged in the power supply and started the computer. The computer did a memory test and then prompted me for a password. So now I am still at ground Zero.  
Does the board have a cmos jumper?  What board does it have in it?
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nobusbiljart fanCommented:
modern laptops do NOT keep the password in the bios, but in a security chip - anti theft
you need to contact Compaq, show proof of ownership.
they may/may not help you
beemmerAuthor Commented:
To mikeewalton:  I will need to check and see what motherboard is in the laptop and if it has a cmos jumper.  To Nobus:  I am going to contact Compaq and see if they can help me out. It will be tomorrow morning before I get back to you and let you know because of my regular job.
beemmerAuthor Commented:
I am sure that was the answer to my question, but then the customer was giving me the wrong password and so after a few days she comes back and inputs the correct password.  sorry it took so long to close this out
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