illustrator "art is too complex or too large to save as tiff"

I'm using Illustrator 10, right off the DVD, which I've reinstalled on my new Dell box, with XP Pro, and 2GB memory.  Previous machine was XP Home with 750KB memory.

However, I'm getting the message when I cut and paste from Powerpoint to Illustrator and export to TIFF

"art is too complex or too large to save as tiff"

perforrming operations that worked fine hundreds of times on the old box, and that I can do on the other Dell on my home network.

I'm hoping there may be some memory-related setting in either Illustrator or XP Pro that I had on the old box and on my other box that I haven't tweaked on my new box.

Or....just don't have a clue.

Any help with this would be appreciated.

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codequestAuthor Commented:
Thanks for input.   I increased the memory paging to maximum, and that did it.
Suggestion only.  Pulled this off some foreign language site using Google.

"Try saving with Anti-Aliasing not selected"
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