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Hi, i am trying to set a computer policy which disables proxy. i have already moved the test computer to the test OU , i have blocked inheritance. When user logs in, the result is that user policy which has proxy enabled overides the computer policy. Can there be away that computer policy overides the user policy for this particular OU?
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Brian PiercePhotographerCommented:
You can use loopback - this re-applies the computer policy following the log-on, see
I would suggest deny the user on that GPO (group policy object)

Example: I have an OU named "STAFF" with GPO "ProxySettingsGPO"
Under that I have user1, user2, user3

If I dont want user1 to use the proxy settings specified at the GPO. I will just deny user1's access to it. (Just go to ProxySettingsGPO settings --> "security" tab)

I hope this helps.

Simple answer is No.

User policy will override computer policy every time, Except where the computer policy has a deny in it.

DENY always wins.
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