Oralce Rman restore database to different host

Need to restore current offline RMAN backup to new server/host.  New machine has the identical directory structure.  I have used "sftp" to transfer the RMAN backup sets to the new machine.  When attempting restore get errors complaining cannot read backup file, consequently it cannot create files on new machine.  Using this same technique I have tested RMAN backup and restore to same machine successfully.  
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are the permissions ok?

did the file copy ok?
sdrussAuthor Commented:
Yes, all permissions are correct and it appears the "sftp" copy was successful.  I am getting this error:  

ORA-19870:  error reading backup piece /tmp/database/ora99/GSxx_backup_Level0_7853911111.bus
ORA-19504:  failed to create file "/xxxxx/xxxx/xxx/xx.dbf"
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