how to setup ntbackup using task scheduler on a windows xp computer

Hi Guys

I need some help setting up ntbackup using task scheduler. I have already setu backup using back up wizard, but apparenltly you also have to create a task that runs at a set time to start the backup program automatically.

How is this accomplished. Could you please let me know thanks..
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You do not need to use task scheduler at all.

you can set a schedule in NT Backup as a daily schedule and as long as the computer is logged in, it will run the backup.
noxchoGlobal Support CoordinatorCommented:
Press Start - Programs - Accessories - System Tools - Backup.
Select Advanced Mode. There find Schedule Jobs tab. Select it and press Add Job. This will let you choose what to backup. As selection is completed you need to specify Schedule Details (daily, weekly etc basis). As you complete the scheduling new task will appear in Start - Programs - Accessories - System Tools - Scheduled Tasks.
As you see nothing complicated.
It can be done both the ways,  from
1. Task scheduler or
2. Accessing Start - Programs - Accessories - System Tools - Backup.
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