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Hi Experts

am having LINKSYS phone adapter router. in my office we are having broadband connection with static IP address. the static IP assigned to eth1 and private IP ( assigned to eth0. the eth1 is connected to MODEM.

now the problem is  when i connect the LINKSYS device to modem, that mean i put cable eth1 to linksys LAN port, and modem RJ45 to LINKSYS INTERNET port, then i connect phone in LINKSYS phone1 port, the default phone line is connected to modem for internet connection.

its not working for me, Please advice me to connect this, or please help me to connect the LINKSYS  VOIP device to my INTRANET(local) PC.

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You can try reading through these (15 pages in all), while it mostly deals with SunRocket, there are some other comments about different services.

You might need to contact your VoIP provider for the User/PW.

These seems to be a real pain to work on. More stuff:

YouTube clip:
from this thread:

the above links and more:

I seem to be missing something, but I think you have the cables in backwards.

You have DSL line going into a modem - eth1 (static IP)
Modem into the computer -  eth0 --

and you are trying to add a Linksys with phone (VoIP)?

Can you give the model numbers of the modem and the Linksys?
Is this a working setup without the Linksys, or a new installation?
RaamakrishnanAuthor Commented:
My network

linux machine with eth1(static IP) and eth0(,  
eth1 connected to modem,
eth0 connected to switch,
modem type ADSL, 220BX1, the ports are RJ11(phone line), RJ45(to connect system eth1(static IP)), power,

This above configuration is existing connection. we are using the linux machine eth0 as intranet gateway and also proxy, its broadband connection no need to enter ISP username and password, when we switch on the modem and system. the internet connection will be enabled,


Please help me on this

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OK, I think you are basically having a 'router' conflict, try this:
leave modem in eth1, and switch in eth0
plug Linksys WAN (internet) port into a LAN port on the Switch and the phone into Phone1.

This should put the the Linksys in the 192.168.x.x network (if it is set to Obtain IP Automatically and the Linux is set as DHCP Server)
The way you were trying, I think you would have needed to go into the Linksys Setup page(s) and turn off the router functions. (making it another switch), or plug the modem into its WAN port and figure out the changes to make to it and the Linux IPs to make a 'double' gateway (so to speak)
RaamakrishnanAuthor Commented:
how to unlock the LINKSYS SPA2102-R, from the forum i got
dail **** then 723646# then its ask password i tried two passwords its got from forum.



but both are invalid.

how to unlock this, Please let me know

RaamakrishnanAuthor Commented:
Thanks Coral47.
Thank You.   Enjoy.  : )
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