DFS problem windows 2008

My company uses 3 terminal servers and 2 fileservers in our network to deliver hosted desktops to our customers. Last month we are experiencing performance isseus. We are investigating this issues and the first thing that came out was the memory, we upgraded the memory, this solved a bit of the problem but still when there are more then 7 users logged on there getting performance issues. The second thing we did was implementing Appsense to manage spikes on the cpu and memory. This improved everything, we can now let 12 users on the servers. Still an incredible low number of users.

The biggest complaint i get is that the users have slow file access. When i look to the network card of the server it sais that its not using more then 1% and the fileserver is idle. We use Distributed file System on our 2 windows 2003 file servers. The terminal server are windows 2008. We have also one windows 2003 server and that is not experiencing this problem. It looks like a problem with DFS from my point of view. Anyone have an idea of the possible cause of this problem?
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rtjdamenConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Problem was caused by antivirus software, it all works fast again!

your question is quite much general, as you don't mention your server configuration. Anyway being able to serve some 10-12 users is too poor even for 1.6GHz Atom CPU in my Asus EEE :-)
I suggest you run performance monitoring on your WS2008 server - just create a new data collector set, which will be based on the System performance template. Let it run for at least day or two and then examine the report it will generate.
It should reveal the bottleneck of your server hardware.
I don't think it's because of DFS. There are milion possible causes, but starting with the performance monitoring is always good start.

Can you give some insight into the resolution or even what type of antivirus software you are using ?
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