IBM Server Reboots

We are having an issue with an x3200 IBM Server randomly rebooting. It is running Small Business Server 2003
It is almost like the somebody has pressed the reset button, i say this because there are no events indicating a initiation in the event viewer.

When the server starts up again, the raid is out of sync and the sync process begins again.
IS there a way i can monitor the system to find out what happens before the reboot?
I have bypassed the UPS to ensure this is not the problem, but it did not help.
any advise?

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attractsupportAuthor Commented:

Just an update, We've had IBM out to test the hardware, they replaced the board and RAID controller card.
Yet it is still rebooting.The server is currently removed from the clients premises and being tested in workshop and is still rebooting after every single firmware update was done.

We are currently rebuilding the server to isolate it being a software issue
Check if you have automatic updates switched on - some critical updates require server to restart. You can turn off auto updates by selecting option like "....maunally choose when to install...."

If thats not the case, how many SBS server is/are running on your network?
this is the site of bios/bmc/raid-fw update:

Indicate your Type-Model  (you find near S/N xxxx)
and say me which RAID adapter is on the machine,
Disk type/size/number and RAID?,
and if there are other particular PCI card.

Download last BIOS 1.39 (verify your before) and BMC (1.09)

The behaviour of raid is strange, see which ServeRAID card have you and download FW.

When you ennter in BIOS, verify error log and going deep in Advanced on main panel, you can see BMC error log: verify if any.

About UPS, if you have double power supply, always put just one under UPS, the other direct to the power network.

If you have RSA (Remote Supervisor Adapter II), you can connect there to monitor what happens.

If your server is under IBM Maintenance, you can also open a Call to IBM
HW Support: however they will say first, what I have above indicated.


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attractsupportAuthor Commented:
These restarts are not being caused by Windows updates and they are not properly shutting down the server. they are just rebooting them.
this is the event log:

Event Type:      Error
Event Source:      EventLog
Event Category:      None
Event ID:      6008
Date:            4/28/2009
Time:            9:34:01 PM
User:            N/A
Computer:      SERVER
The previous system shutdown at 9:06:59 PM on 4/28/2009 was unexpected.

For more information, see Help and Support Center at
0000: d9 07 04 00 02 00 1c 00   Ù.......
0008: 15 00 06 00 3b 00 e9 00   ....;.é.
0010: d9 07 04 00 02 00 1c 00   Ù.......
0018: 13 00 06 00 3b 00 e9 00   ....;.é.

we only have one sbs server.
To find out what causes the reboot, you need to disable automatic reboot option. You then receive BSOD for the errors. Check the attachment for the screenshot of this. Besides, check power cables, UPS, and any other power sources to make sure their is no power cut off.  

the raid is out of sync and the sync process begins again....

Check the Storage configuration manager to ensure there is no issue with your raid array and driver firmware...
Download and install this software if you don't already have it:

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