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We have a company with 50 employees using 3 terminal servers (identical). As administrators we 've got the question to implement Office 2003 templates (word, powerpoint, outlook).
The meaning of using templates is to create a secure workspace where employees need to use the templates provided by the company.
They may not have the abillity to change these templates. They may not even have the abillity to create templates.
So when an employe starts 'word', a standard company template has to open...
Is it also possible to secure the font size, colors,... so that nothing can be changed?
Tips, suggestions to realise this 'templates project' are very welcome because this is an urgent matter in our company.
I also wonder if this is possible by using group policy?
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dlc110161Connect With a Mentor Commented:
By default Word requires that the Normal.dot template be opened. Word 2003 does allow the forcing of styles in the Protect Document task pane.

Therefore, what I would recommend you do, is create a Normal.dot template that is your company standard and has the necessary styles defined and install it as part of the MSI rollout. Microsoft's version is located at: C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office11

Dawn Bleuel
Word MVP
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