Starting a stopped printer linux

My admin dept have 'done nothing' but have managed to 'stop' a printer .
Does anybody know how to start a printer in linux, that has been stopped?
Richard TeasdaleFinancial ControllerAsked:
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fosiul01Connect With a Mentor Commented:
have look to this one

use lpq to check the status and print que name
isnt it just `lpadmin -E <printername>` It's been ages since I used a printer in linux! :-)

I think you need admin rights though...

It may also be "stopped" for a reason.... displaying the printer and queue info will normally give you the info.

Richard TeasdaleFinancial ControllerAuthor Commented:
Thank you very much! Very relieved at your prompt and helpful reply!
Morne LateganCommented:
If its a Windows printer, and you're using cups, then probably someone printed to the printer while the box it was connected to was switched off. Cups will try 3 times by default, and then disable the printer if it still can't connect to it. There is a setting in the latest cups to set it to try forever.
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