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Windows Server 2003 for SWIFT crashes every hour

Sorry for my bad English
I work in the bank. We have a server for SWIFT operations on Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition SP1 English. And it crashes every hour. You can only move mouse cursor then and reboot by pressing reset button. We tried to find viruses with Trend Micro and AVS but it gave no result. Only SWIFT and special utilities are installed on the server.

We had two possible reasons of the crashing:
1. We were thinking about hardware problems (like processor temperature), but all utility programms has not detected anything. Also no power problems because we have two power modules connected with independent upses.
2. Virus in the LAN. But we cannot find it too.

We have HP Server: HP DL 380G4  p/n 378735-421. controller HP Smart ARAY6I. I can provide more detailed configuration if necessarily.

So does anybody know the possible reason of the crashing? This server is very important.

Thank you in advance.
2 Solutions
Can you boot in safe mode and disale some of the services which is not required for windows to start and try rebooting normally.
Do you have any other software installed in this? like hp data protector nortel vpn agent etc?
The most common cause for a server freeze when the cursor is not frozen is a memory leak in an application.  There are a number of ways to trace down a memory leak.  Here is a Microsoft document on the topic:

As usual, the Microsoft may not be the most convenient/efficient/user friendly but it should be viable.  I have not actually used the tool referenced in this document so I cannot comment on it.  The one I have used was a custom built one that I don't think is publicly available.  A little research should find you one you like.

For completeness sake, I should also say that this could also be a memory/processor failure.  This is a little less likely because the cursor moves.  More commonly, when the hardware is the root cause, the mouse is frozen too.
ponchicAuthor Commented:
Thanks everyone for help, we've found the solution. We just had to install SP2 on Windows Server 2003 (with some restrictions of SWIFT). The Service Pack fixed the problem.

But still we don't know the reason of server freeze. Most probably that is some virus we can't find in the network or maybe a memory leak. If we will figure out I post the reason here

Thank you again.
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