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virtual desktops thin clients

How many servers and what kind of ram would you need to support 90 thin client pcs. Not particular running processor intensive applications typical xp  msoffice few inhouse vb applications, sql applications which are based on servers. To give you an idea of
the pcs we have now we have intel pentium 3.4 ghz 512 ram we would like to go 2 gb. My main attraction to using thin clients would be the cost savings. We typically upgrade pcs every 3 years which obviously expensive?? this going to save alot on this upgrades what are peoples opionions experiences.
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you can use,

however googling "terminal server capacity planner" you can have an idea about all. Vendor as IBM,HP,Dell, have their planner.

In following post, you'll see a list of link.

What instead I want report you are my experiences and considerations:

- Server speed is not important: in the sense, that if the server is slow, the client will slow, but not overloaded.

- memory needs! 4GB each one server.

- many users on a server means many process, and is better
2 servers with X capabilities than 1 server with 2*X ones.

- if the users are medium/low "usage profile", I experienced 20/30 users
for server can go.

However, duplicate applications, and provide a test server (it may be also a WS)

You mentioned virtual desktops in the title.  Are you wanting to use virtual desktops with thin clients?  If so, your main considerations will be CPU, RAM, and HDD.  Our hypervisors (Dell R805 with AMD Opteron) utilize dual quad core processors with 64GB RAM (they max at 128).  We give each VDI VM 1GB RAM.  Hard disk space will depend upon the VDI solution.  We utilize XenDesktop with Provisioning Server, so all of our VMs run off of a single image drastically cutting down on the hard disk space required.  Other solutions might require you to have enough hard disk space for every VM running.  

We run 30-35 VDI VMs per hypervisor.  When we are finished with our VDI rollout we'll have 18 hypervisors, which is enough for us to completely lose two of them and still run all of our VMs.

We use a smattering of thin clients to connect to VDI.  We are moving to HP, though we have Wyse and VXL also.  All work great.

VDI and thin clients save you money in regards to PC replacement.  They also save you money in regards to administrative overhead.  You just don't have to touch a thin client often.  In five years of dealing with them I can recall no more than four needing replacement.  If you use non-volatile VDI images then you'll also save administrative overhead in dealing with application rollouts, spyware, malware, et cetera.

I am really new to virtual environments.  I am looking at putting a PowerEdge R805 in with PowerVault MD1000.  Looking at using HP t5145 thins to connect.  Want XenDesktop on the R805.  Do you think I am right in my thinking.  I would really like to pick your brain on this.  I have no idea on pricing for XenDesktop for 35-40 clients.  To be honest I really do not know what all would be needed.  Any help would be appreciated.

Look at the attached files and see if you think I may in the right direction for hardware.

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