How do I restore an Inspiron 9400 to factory default

I am trying to restore an Inspiron 9400 to factory default.  It is running Vista Home Premium.  
I put the cd in, and boot from the cd.  All seems to go well until it does a reboot.  It stops at a screen indicating it is checking the computer and may take a few minutes.  It is frozen at this stage and can sit overnight and not proceed.
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did you make a restore cd? I'd do at least a low level format before trying to install the O\s. If your restore cd is no good your gonna have to load it by hand. or perhaps get another restore cd from dell

you can boot with a live cd like knoppix, and you'll able to backup important data, and see if there's a problem with any hardware part. after that you'd better install windows with a windows CD/DVD.
WilfAuthor Commented:
There is no data to be saved.  I can boot with an XP, delete and format the partition,  and install XP.  In my mind, that proves the harware etc are fine.  After doing that, I used the restore CD and have come back to exactly the same hang.  
If I shut it down, It comes back to a do a user name.  I have allready put in the user, so cannot use that name again.  If I put in a second user, it seems to boot up, but now I have two users and only wanted one.
Is there a way around this
WilfAuthor Commented:
The olnly solution I found was to boot with XP, delete the partition, format with XP, stop the machine, reboot with the Vista restore and restore.  I also had it plugged into the router for the final restore
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