Pix DHCP problems

I have a Pix 501 setup as DHCP server to the LAN.  I have a bunch of HP computers with XP SP3 that cannot get an IP address from the Pix.  These computers try, but then just go to limited or no connectivity.  If I put a static IP on these computers, they work fine.  If I plug my vista laptop directly into the Pix, it gets a DHCP address.  If I plug my vista laptop into one of the cables that goes to one of the HP computers, my laptop gets a DHCP address.  The Pix does a site to site VPN to another network that has a DHCP server as well, but that shouldn't matter as each side of the VPN is on a different subnet.  Any ideas?
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etechitConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I have resolved the problem, moderator, please remove the question, thank you

If you fixed it yourself, just accept your last comment as an answer - or you could post up how you fixed it and then accept that

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