Mcafee Antivirus install on Citrix How?


Anyone please confirm what is the RIGHT way to install antivrus software on a Citrix server. Since the antivirus is not going to be published does it still have to be installed in a user install mode as below?? If so why?

change user /install

Also - any windows updates or any programs that are NOT going to be published how should those be installed etc...?

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snusgubbenConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Install and configure the software for use with other products
When installing VirusScan Enterprise software where third-party products are installed, or when
using it with supporting products, you might need to change the installation procedure or
perform additional configuration. For example, if you are using the Setup utility to install the
VirusScan Enterprise software where Windows 2003 with Terminal Services is installed, the
installation stops and you are notified to install the program files using the Windows Add/Remove
Programs utility.
NOTE: This installation method is not required if you are using ePolicy Orchestrator to deploy
VirusScan Enterprise.

This states that you need to set the server in install mode. (doing the installation from Add/Remove Program will set the TS in install mode. Another way of typing "change user /install").

Why McAfee say you do is probably because the installation writes to the HKCU.

If the installation package is a MSI from MS or Citrix, the MSI will put the server in install mode. From other vendors (atleast whom I trust) you can't be sure the MSI will set the TS in install mode.

Installation that affects the HKCU registry and ini-files located in user profiles, the server needs to be in install mode. The secure way is the manually set the server in install mode to be 100 per cents sure things don't goes wrong.

Should not be users logged on when you install (because they might lock the HKCU reg/ini-files for writing).

Windows update don't modify HKCU or users ini-files.

My prefered way:

1. change logon /disable
2. query user (get them out if someone is logged on)
3. change user /install
4. install the software
5. change user /execute
6. change logon /enable


Here is the guidelines from Citrix regarding anti-virus:

badabing1Author Commented:
so is Mcafee install  needed to be install mode, if so why?

badabing1Author Commented:
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