question about mygeneration doodads

my friend is using mygeneration doodads, so when he want to add new record to database he uses addnew(), but when using gridview or dropdown list he adds sqldatasource. for me this is mixing between 2-tier and 3-tier, am i right? i believe doodads is 3-tire!!
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shakashico.Net DeveloperCommented:
yes ,you are right ,,he can simply bind grid from his code like that :

TableClass OBjGov = new TableClass();                                                          DG.DataSource = OBjGov.LoadAll();

TableClass OBjGov = new TableClass ();
DG_Department.DataSource = OBjGov.DefaultView;
fahadmanAuthor Commented:
thanks shakashio, ur response is really great, i asked him and he said that gridview with doodads has performance issue, it is slower than using sql statement. is that right?
shakashico.Net DeveloperCommented:
no I don't thimk so ,, My generation is not slower ,
It's just that u lose millesec while maping DB tables to classes and this is not for  mygeneration only ,,it's for any way u will use to map the DB.
My generation is too faster than nhibernate (as an example),it depend on how it will map DB tables,and my generation is one of the ery good wayes
fahadmanAuthor Commented:
Dear shakashico, ur answer was perfect and reflect ur deep experience. thank u very much im glad i found u. i want to use doodads and i have some question, please keep watching this site.
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