Converting mbox to Maildir format on windows

I am aware that there are a few .pl scripts out there that serve this purpose. But I have some problems running it on Windows. Eg.

While the Unix server is being prepped, I wish to convert the mbox files to maildir format first. I have copied out the respective mbox. Can someone help to provide the magic formula?

Assume my mbox are in C:\archived and the is at the same folder.
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jbristleConnect With a Mentor Commented:
you can probably run that script on windows in cygwin. You may need to install the TimeDate module with CPAN once the install is complete.

you could also setup a basic install of any linux or *bsd in vmware server and run it, create your maildir's, and tar it up. If you need to extract them while your waiting for your server to be prepped, you can extract the files without damaging the mail.

The only issues you may see by converting them under windows is file name truncating or improper end of line.

If you convert them prior to movement, you will probably have undesirable (broken) results.
If you can leave both servers up concurrently, you can use imapcopy.
QLJAuthor Commented:
what if I am not able to leave both servers up concurrently?
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