Is it possible to rollback to Vista Home after a vista ultimate upgrade?

A buddy of mine wen't crazy and bought a Vista Ultimate Upgrade for his Hp Vista Home Premium . It seem that he run some kind of wizard to upgrade, but when it restarted it didn't have any of the sofwares installed neither the data. He told me the he found a Windows.old folder on C:\. Is it possible to rollback to Vista Home after that vista ultimate upgrade? Should the data still be somwhere in the computer? Any help would be greatly welcome.
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one_solutionConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I've found some info: for future reference for others. Nonetheless If done it succesfully or know any other method , please help.
one_solutionAuthor Commented:
For Future refence the method above does work, still you will have to do some uninstall, reinstall or repair of some of the software but mostly OS and apps work, and you will recover your documents.
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