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Coldfusion hosting with SMS functionality

Can anyone tell what Coldfusion host support SMS functionality on Shared accounts. i am looking into around 10$ per month.

Please experts, please let me know if u have some.

well i am looking coldfusion 8 but if cfmx 7 is provided, i will consider it

Gurpreet Singh Randhawa
Gurpreet Singh Randhawa
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erikTsomikSystem Architect, CF programmer Commented:
Gurpreet Singh RandhawaWeb DeveloperAuthor Commented:
i am on this page, but cannot find which host support SMS functionality with Coldfusion
this isn't really a hosting issue. the sms gateway in cf is a test server and can't be really used

"For the application to work in the real world, you would need to have a short code and contract with a third-party aggregator."


note the link to shortcodes http://www.usshortcodes.com/ (min$500/month) and the bit about having a 3rd party contract (more $$$$)

you can still get some sms functionality by using cfmail with user supplied addresses


<cfmail to="5555551212@cellphoneco.com" ....

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Gurpreet Singh RandhawaWeb DeveloperAuthor Commented:
Thanks Sidfish, I understand. This is the very first time, i m working with sms functionality.

Suppose i sign up for a clickatell.com or smslane.com, which provide sms functionality using their API.

can i use that api and will any host like hostek.com will work on it, because i asked hostek.com guys nad they said we do not support sms functionality.

On the email Issue?

yes! That ofcourse is a good point, i read ben nadel's post on it but what if 10000 sms need to send, that will obivously put te server to hang or spam or block me.

i visited clickatell.com and smslane.com websites, they offer like 10000 SMS for 2600RS(Indian Rupee). for a contract of one year.

So keeping these things in mind, what you say.

i am missing something
if you sign up with clickatell, you don't need sms functionality on your server

you simply use cfhttp to access their api. They've got an example here:


Gurpreet Singh RandhawaWeb DeveloperAuthor Commented:
Thanks Sidfish, Smslane.com uses same http funda, so the bottom line is this i can use any host, i do not have to worry about it

Is this what you are trying to say.

Please answer so i sshould submit the points and close this question regards
"Is this what you are trying to say."


most providers provide an http based api so host is irrelevant (as long as they support cfhttp)


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