Hyper-V, store .VHD files on SAN?

We currently have 1 Dell PowerEdge 2950 with 32 GB RAM and are running about 5 VM's. We continue to grow with the need for more VM's, so we are looking at expanding to another PowerEdge server, same specs.

The question is, if we get another server, we would like to start implementing redundancy, and would like to have the .vhd files on a SAN. Where do we go if we want to stick with HyperV?
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for what you want to try you would need to use the windows clustering feature for hyper-v so that you can utilise the SAN volumes and also move the VMs between servers seamlessly.

check this document for better understanding.


revert back if you want any further clarifications.

You can try windows 2008 R2 which has hot fail over (aka VMOTION of ESX) and if you have windows 2008 SCVMM then you can have the same functionality as you have with ESX like (HA, DRS, VMOTION)


adding on to above post...

you may want to opt for a 'disk array' which is iSCSI capable - allowing you to share the storage between Hyper-V host nodes.

the Dell EqualLogic is being adopted in many implementations for a robust iSCSI storage solution for Hyper-V Clusters.

Not just Dell, but there are many vendors out there providing iSCSI arrays... just ensure compatibility with hyper-v (logo testing)...

iSCSI Cluster Support FAQ:

this way you can have your redundant & highly available solution in place with a 'iSCSI SAN' rather than a Fibre Channel solution.
Keep in mind Hyper V does not support HA (with out a 3rd party solution) untill the R2 release due for production in 2010.  I suggest Xen Server with Xen Essentials, as we are already doing this in an environment running a Dell Equalogic SAN with 2 Xen servers.
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