IIS 7 Doesn't See My Second IP Address?

I have a Windows SBS 2008 server and I have assigned a second internal IP to the nic in order to create a second web site in IIS.  My problem is that when I go into IIS and attempt to create the second web site and assign the second IP address it is not available.  It is only displaying the original IP address and the *.  I tried running iisreset but didn't help.  Anything specific I need to do in order to get IIS to recognize the second IP address?
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DennisDavisConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Anyone have any idea on this?  I have an Exchange Server running IIS and hosting OWA etc.  I am trying to setup a second web site and assign it a second internal IP address but when I create the site and go to assign the second IP address it does not show up in the drop down list.  It's as though IIS does not recognize the second IP address I have assigned to the NIC.  
Did you edit the Site Bindings and assign the new IP to the new website? Or does the new IP not show up under Site Bindings?
DennisDavisAuthor Commented:
The new IP is not showing up under site bindings...
DennisDavisAuthor Commented:
When I select Add a Site and then click the drop down to assign the second IP address it is not displayed...
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