Integration between SAP and Excel 2007

We have been working on a number of issues around the integration between SAP and Excel 2007.  For the most part, these have been resolved by a combination of SAP notes and Office 2007 diagnostics.  However, theer is one, which we cannot consistently replicate whereby having run an ALV report and intiated download to Excel, the excel application opens within SAP and the data is correctly transferred but the Excel Ribbon is not visible nor is the Office button, hence, the user is unable to savel the document as required.  The only workaround in this situation is to use the F12 key to initiate a Save As.

We are running SAP Release ECC6.0 Patch Level 10 with SAPLOGON 7.10.  We are currently running MS Office 2007 SP1 on Windows XP Professional 5.1.2600 SP3 Build 2600

Does anyone have any similar experiences of this condition?

Many thnaks,
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TwisteddkConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Yes, this is/was a known bug in certain sapgui versions. You'll likely notice that the context menu is also gone if you right-click with your mouse. AFAIK, it should be adressed in some patch version of the GUI (or ECC ?) I'm not sure of which. You can likely find decent references to this problem on sapnet,
Did you try using Ctrl+F1 to display the ribbon?

TimBurrastonAuthor Commented:
Twisteddk, many thanks for this.
TimBurrastonAuthor Commented:
It would be useful to know specifically which GUI versions have the issue.
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