Drill Through report return to location of inital Drill through on parent report

All I'm new to SSRS so I'm sure this should be easy to answer.  I have a number of reports that are accessed via a drill through report initially.  The user starts with the first report that has highly summarized data and drills through to progressivly more detailed info.  Pretty ho hum for the most part.

The issue is when the user uses the browsers back button to return to the first report the report always refreshes and returns to the top of the screen.  This causes the user to lose his place on the report.

Is there anyway to get the report to just return back to where the user drilled through to start with.  Think of this like searching on google.  It wouldn't be to cool to review 4 pages of infomation and be half way down on the fifth page and when you back navigate have google start you off at page one again.
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Chris LuttrellSenior Database ArchitectCommented:
I have looked and done some experiments and do not see how this can be done as any solution invoves coding for it in your app/webpage and RS is in control here.  The closest thing I know of is in this link, http://aspnet.4guysfromrolla.com/articles/111704-1.aspx, we used this logic in some pages on our app but I am not sure of a way to use it on reports.  Good luck.
Guitarman316Author Commented:
Thanks for the reply. It seems odd that this isn't something that can be done.  I took a look at the article you provided and It got me searching again.  It looks like others have stumbled upon the same issue from as far back as ssrs 2000.  I must be missing something in my approach then or MS would have resolved this issue by now.

Let me ask how would you accomplish the following. The user needs a larg list of summarized data. From that list he needs to go to another list that relates to summarized data of a different type than the first list and finally to the detailed data. From either of the screens below the parent he needs to be able to get back to the first report so he can continue looking at the rest of the report without having to start over.

I've been wondering if  it's possible to do a programtic search on the first page which may be a different page that has an extra parameter for the search value (in my case a part number). The search or find function is capable of locating the record but the shouldn't have to remember to copy the part number before drilling in.

How is everybody else accomplishing this kind of task. As one person said in my review of smartNavigation "without this functionality Drill Through reports are useless." I know my users are frustrated.  Luckily I'm just at a proof of concept phase.  I can always go for another product if I must.

Guitarman316Author Commented:
Wasn't a good solution that would work inside of ssrs.  Awarding points for effort.
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